Finest Cashmere Flat Lash J-curl Thickness MIX
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Finest Cashmere Flat Lash J-curl Thickness MIX

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  • 15mm × Mix (8mm~13mm)

  • 10mm × Mix (8mm~13mm)

Products that will increase unit price at the salon. Soft, moist touching feel like cashmere, comfortable to wear. Flat lash of Rachel lash is not only flat, but also stuck to a material that is very soft and feels good. And it's not only soft but also has a smooth tension for it uses the finest hair. Also, even if we use the same thickness as the conventional extension, it will be pleasing for people with less eyelashes because of its strength, and even if you mix with some points in addition to traditional sable, It makes a different impression. Apply for Classic and Single extension. Number of Lashes:1 row 250 ×12 column (1 case contains about 3000) Mix Case (8mm~13mm)each length two columns. LINK IN DESCRIPTION :