Lash Base

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A appliances for eyelash lash extension. Use at the base of the Lash sheet, it refines the quality and contrast process of the lash to stick with the glue. Materials like PBT and the glue adhesive is highly contrasted with the appliance of Lash Base. Accelerates the curing process and less chance to collapse of the fan.It also used for hygienic application for your lash extension. Note: 1. Do not use direct on the skin or natural eye lashes 2. Please be careful as there may be counter effects if applying too much. 3. Drop a few drops into a diagonally cut swab. 4. Apply to the root part of eyelash extensions. 5. After coating wait about 10 seconds until it dries and ready to apply. Contents amount: 5 ml Ingredient: Ethanol, water, hydrolyzed silk (silk peptide), royal jelly extract, BG, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben.