Jet Black Feather Lash D-curl Thickness 0.06mm
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Jet Black Feather Lash D-curl Thickness 0.06mm

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  • 0.06mm×9mm

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If you want ultra-fine, dense, blackness, there is only "Jet Black Feather Lash"! It has become the trade mark for the salon for 95% repeat rate. With the amount of flare used it seems more dense and brilliant eyeline. It is the best extension process for the customers who do not want to see grey or bluish hair. Many of our client have changed their priorities with the use of our Feather Lash over Single Extension. The sheet part is an aluminum material popular among the lash artist. Material: Polybutylene terephthalate Number of Lashes: about 6,480 (about 540 in 1 row) Number of columns: 12 columns Thickness :0.06mm LINK IN DISCRIPTION: