Selfray Airy Flare Lash 6D
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Selfray Airy Flare Lash 6D

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  • 0.07mm×9mm

  • 0.07mm×10mm

  • 0.07mm×11mm

  • 0.07mm×12mm

  • 0.07mm×13mm

  • 0.07mm×14mm

Smart knot and comfortableness is the significant feature of our flare lash. We combined the Natural Thickness of 0.07 mm to get the finishing of the volume lash look. Very easy to apply and perfect for Individual Eyelash. Features: ★6 lash of 0.07 mm knotted to 1 flare. ★Comfortable knot ★Easy to apply ★6D Volume look Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate Curl: C curl Thickness: 0.07 mm